Animal Protection

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When we work with Nature we are often called upon to protect her creatures. These would range from our own pets to animals in the wild and also those animals which have become our totem animals. This spell uses photographs to represent these animals or you could use small figurines. The candles are used to focus your energy and the oil to create a safe environment.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Two green candles
One white candle
Picture or figurine of the animal
Protection oil
Consecrated salt and water
If protecting Your pet, include its favourite treat

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Protection'

Light the two green candles being conscious of the conservation issues in regard to your animal. Light the white candle to represent the animal concerned.
Put the photograph under the white candle or the figurine next to it and say: "Spirit of fire burning bright, Give your protection here this night. The moon above for this animal dear Gives shelter and so freedom from fear, Draw close all spirits of the same Come hither! Come hither! Power of the wild and strength so great! Defend and safeguard this ones fate
To complete the spell, either give your pet its treat or scatter the crumbs outside for other animals to enjoy. The animals you are drawn to are believed to be the ones who in return for your care will also protect and teach you. By being aware of their needs you become part of the cycle of Nature and of life.