Animal Shifting

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I went and made this because I thought it would be cool for people to change willing into the spirit animal.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Night at 10pm to 2am
Chalk to draw a Pentagram
Elemental Candles, Red-fire, blue-water, Yellow-Air, Green-Earth, White-Spirit
Knowledge on You spirit animal-what it is how it looks and every little detail.
Outside- In middle of a street trust me.
Blood- Your own

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Shifting'

First off draw the pentagram big enough to sit in the middle.
Next put the elemental candles in there proper spots and light them while calling them to protect and witness your spell and if you want call the goddess and god.
Have your blood ahead of time.
I know what my true form is to be and wish to bring it from the astral plane to the physical plane. I am willing to sacrifice all things that tei me to being a normal human and willing to blend my animal form with my human form when in this body and I will change at will unless I am badly hurt or badly sick then I will be forcefully changed to heal quicker.
Now on your left wrist draw a paw print(or whatever your spirit animal's foot print is) with your blood and let it dry before washing it off.