Animal Winter Protection Spell

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A blessing spell for animals to survive the winter

You will need the following items for this Spell
4 brown candles
photo of local wildlife
Bowl of water
Bowl of seed or grass

Casting Instructions for 'Animal Winter Protection Spell'

Set your altar up as you see fit. When ready invoke the gods of your pantheon. Particularly the gods of animals and wildlife. Never invoke a god not of your faith nor a god you know nothing about.
When done, speak first prayers and give your offerings.
Take the brown candles in hand and charge them with animalistic brown energy. As you do this chant the following
'Wild animals near your life is in my hand
and now to these candles I give some of your power
May your life essence grow bright and strong
As bright as these candles burn bright
And when these candles go out fear not
Only tender sleep not death you will find.'
When done place the candles down in compass layout with a space on the Middle for the animal images. Now light the brown candles. Next to the layout, place the bowl of water and seed/grass. This is a spiritual way of offering them food and water to last the winter. Slowly wave the picture of the animal over the candles but do not burn it and speak these words
'Gentle gods of wildlife, hear my prayer tonight
protect the __(animal species)__ through Winter, 'tis done by candle's light.
Though the winds of the gods blow strong and snow does fall
May you be safe and comforted, as assured as in a barn stall.'
Take the next picture and do same thing with each picture you have.
When you are done, let the candle burn out on its own. When complete take the pictures and roll them up in a scroll and tire them with a ribbon. Place them in a place of comfort and warmth in your home. If you wish, you can redo the spell once a month till spring comes and wildlife re-emerges.