Anna Maria's Weight Loss Spell

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Anna maria's note: This is a spell to help you lose weight. Results may take some time to show, and you also need to make some practical effort to help your spell. No weight loss spell works if you eat a liter of ice cream daily. We can do this much for the Gods, right?

You will need the following items for this Spell
Small Yellow Candle
Paper or a small plate on which will the candle burn.
Waxing Moon
Night, when You can see the Moon

Casting Instructions for 'Anna Maria's Weight Loss Spell

It is best to do this spell outdoors where you can see the Moon, but the open window will do too.
Take the candle and point it to the sky, imagining it as a link between the Moon and you. Tell it that its' purpose is to help you lose weight. Inscribe it with your wish, preferably in your own language. You can write in runes or another alphabet you like, or add symbols that remind you of thin woman or man etc. meditate a bit on your wish to be thin and imagine how you make efforts to lose weight (excercise, diet) and imagine yourself looking great. then say
'Tonight I come to you young Moon
Help my efforts to not be in vain
help me now to loose my burden
may I lose so you may gain. '
The remains of the spell throw away. They represent what 'melted' off you.