Anubis Sacrifice and Protection

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To put a protection spell on a piece of jewelry/amulet. It is a sacrifice of your life to the god Anubis in exchange for his protection.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 pentacle/pentagram
6 candles (5 all the same colour, 1 different colour)
1 lighter
1 knife(or sharp object)
1 piece of jewelry/amulet

Casting Instructions for 'Anubis Sacrifice and Protection'

Draw a pentacle or pentagram then place 1 candle at each point on the star (all the candles must be the same colour). Put the candle that is left to one side and light all 6 candles. Now place the jewelry/amulet in middle of the pentacle/pentagram. Slice/prick finger or hand (somewhere able to let the blood drip on to the jewelry/amulet). Let 1 or more drop off blood drip as you say
I call upon thee, Anubis
to make this my protection charm.
May my blood, be my sacrifice to thee
in which I give my life.
Come forth Anubis
so thee can protect me
so long as this jewellery/amulet shall grace my skin.
Now take the 6th candle (odd coloured one) and place it where the jewelry/amulet was. Then hold it above a flame and chant: 'tolle (t-ol) abjecistis (ab-jest-seast) victismam (vec-tiest-mam) meam (m-yem) et (a) custodierit (coo-sto-de-re-seat) me(me) semper (se-m-pair)