Anubis's Blessing Charm

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Charm a necklace with protection from Anubis.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A necklace of Anubis (pewter, clay, gold, silver, or platnium anything works) You can go to amazon
An offering (He really likes milk)
A candle (I used a vanilla scented cream candle)
Pentagram or outside around nature

Casting Instructions for 'Anubis's Blessing Charm

First draw a pentagram or sit outside
Light your candle and wait a few minutes, meditate or invoke anubis. Get him inside your mind.
Wear your necklace and hold it in your left hand. Take a deep breathe and slowly chant
'I invoke thee Anubis to grant me protection from all evil through this necklace.
I ask if any evil spirit comes to harm me that you shall send Ammet to cast them away.
They shall fear you for you are my protector that weighs my heart and to takes my heart to show me the true path to the after life.
I shall surrender my heart like you surrendered yours to me.
I ask thee to send your blessing for I need your love
I mote it be Guardian of the sacred underworld.'
Blow out your candle and close your eyes.
This worked for me I felt like something that was weighing my heart down was instantly lifted and I feel more energized and loved.
When I did stand I was dizzy but that could just be me...
Message me if you have any questions. This is my first spell so please rate it after you try it.