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This should make anyone that you want to fall in love with you even if they don't know that you existe Or If they hate you or are in love with someone els.

You will need the following items for this Spell
apple any color or type
The full name of the person
Imagination/visualization optional
And left hand coz that is the side where Your heart is.

Casting Instructions for 'APPLE LOVE SPELL CHANT'

Put the apple in your left hand and put the apple in front of your face doesnt matter where at the front of your face and say I want (insert persons name) to fall in love with me instantly 100% and say you will also know what I look like and know what omi sound like and you will have good dreams of me ever night and then bite the apple then put the part of the apple that you bit near your mouth and say love me forever (insert persons name) by the power of the goddesses this is my love wish so mote it be. And then it should work instantly 100% so have fun trying it and if it doesn't work the first time just keep trying OK PEOPLE:D