Armour Spell

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to protect you threw the day from evil and any ill will.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Bowl of Water
Bowl of Earth or a Plant
Candle to Light
Deep breath of Air
Your Voice

Casting Instructions for 'Armour Spell'

Do this when I wake up I spend 15 to 30 mins relaxing my mind and clearing it of all other thoughs threw meditation until I can fully consentrait
Which is something I do before any spell or ritual.
I take a bowl of water. A candle lit it to mark fire, a plant or even some dirt in a bowl and for air I breath in deeply. Draw a sacred circle out of salt.
Then say
A sacred circle made for me, I call the ancesters to hear me
all four elerments hear my plea, as I chant this power to shield me.
Power within the univers hear me shield me, the power surrounds me with safety, power in which I take my place angel wings do now embrace, I am safe with in my circle.
Safe with all my spirits guarding, they do ensure all is well, awake all the power to shield me today, against all evil who dare to stray.
I am protected I am safe surrounded by rings of ligh I will stay safe within my right or light.
this is my will, so mote it be.
(I say this three times in the morning and then take a deep breath feeling all the elements protecting me with the help of the spirits and ancestors to guard me threw the day before plowing out the candle.)