Arpita Das's Secret Luck Charm Activation Spell

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This one is simple and it works like ''magic''.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Frankincense oil
Frankincense powder
Luck attraction oil
Charm bag
1 red candle
4 leaf clovers
Iron pot or cauldron
Boiling water

Casting Instructions for 'Arpita Das's Secret Luck Charm Activation Spell

STEP 1: You'll fill a charm bag (or ''conjure'' bag) with good luck charms.
These could include special figurines that symbolize luck to you... small horseshoe charms... 4 leaf clovers... or anything else you associate with good luck.
STEP 2: Carve a red candle with your name, goals, and deepest desires. Also include any witch names you go by, and any nick names you've gone by in the past.
Carve it all on the candle. Take some time with this.
STEP 3: Dress the candle with your favorite luck attraction oil. I always use frankincense oil for this one...
STEP 4: Light the candle near a boiling pot of water, ideally an iron pot or cauldron.
STEP 5: Sprinkle a small handful of frankincense powder into the water. Let the steam rise as the pot of water boils.
STEP 6: Pass your charm bag alternately through the steam, and the candle smoke 17 times.
Each time it transitions from smoke to steam, and from steam to smoke, visualize the green energy of good luck flowing into the bag... down from the sky... through the window, and into the bag.
STEP 7: Carry the charm bag with you in your purse, wallet, around your neck, in your car, as often as possible...
STEP 8: ''Recharge'' the luck drawing properties of the bag once a month, as needed.