Arrow of Energy

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Basically you can control your energy to create an arrow or beam that gives energy or more life to those who are weakened

You will need the following items for this Spell
~the ability to speak
~one rock, charm, leaf, stick, etc. (optional)

Casting Instructions for 'Arrow of Energy'

There are two ways to cast this spell. I will start with the one you would cast if you chose to use a rock, stick, charm, leaf, etc. Place the item in front of you and memorize its color, shape, pattern, and weight. Once you do that, close your eyes and focus no the item. Imagine energy welling up in your chest, spreading through your body. Imagine currents of it flowing through your limbs and circling back to your chest. Once your body is full of that warm, moving feeling, imagine the trapped energy forming an arrow or beam that is aimed at your item. Let it flow in, giving it the energy, but not all. Since the item you chose is not alive, even if it was a freshly picked plant, your energy should surround it, bouncing of the sides and back into your body. You will grow tired when you send it, but when the energy returns you will be wide awake and energized. The other way is where you focus on a nearby person or object and summon your energy like you would in the first spell. Then project that energy into the object or person, only using about 1/12 of it. To much energy loss could lead to severe heart injuries and possibly death. NEVER use more tan half!!!!! If you choose an object, it will return to you like in the first spell. If it is a person, you will see them grow healthier, stronger, and MUCH more energized! I hope you enjoyed it and will rate it AT LEAST three stars!