Artists and Craftsmen

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This spell appeals to the Hephaestus in his capacity as patron god of artists and craftsmen.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Red candle to represent energy and passion
Blue candle for wisdom
Smoky incense to represent the God’s forge
The tools You use in Your craft

Casting Instructions for 'Artists and Craftsmen'

Place the red candle on the right of your sacred space, the blue on the left and your tools in between. Put the incense in the middle above your tools. Light your incense and build up a smoky atmosphere. Light the candles, red first then blue. Pick up the tool you use most, hold it up and say
Hephaestus, God of the forge
Who despite your disability
Fashioned articles of beauty
Fit for the Gods
Come to my aid
Help me to create things of beauty
Fit for human use.
Help my inability to create those articles
I see with the inner eye
And cannot make manifest. Help me now I pray
Now pass your preferred tool through the smoke of the incense.Hold it for a few moments, until you can feel its energy and sense it becoming alive in your hands, then say "Hephaestus I give you my thanks". When you are next working, make a small offering to the god in thanks perhaps a coin,a small painting or article you have made.