Arts of fighting:3

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To know about every martial art in the world. Note say it just one time just to make it easy for you because I love it when a spell is super easy to do and I will say instantly alot in my wish spells so have fun:D

You will need the following items for this Spell
Voice,cystal optional necklace optional,emotion optional,say out loud wisper or in head/mind,beginner or master optional,help from anyone that You want and is optional or say by Yourself and visualization optional. And that's it.

Casting Instructions for 'Arts of fighting:3'

You can either start of by saying I or we wish depending if your by yourself or with another person angel or god/goddess or spirit or animal say I wish and the univers and the creator of this wish spell wish to know every martial art in the world by the sound of my voice this will become apart of every cell in my body right now instantly 100% and make it a 100% reality right now instantly so thank you for making this wish real so more so be so shall so note so have so need so mote it be. and if you want to change I to we then you can if you want to and were it says sound of my voice you can also say with the sound of our voice as well and also this will work on me as well and the more you say this the more effective it will be on me:D