Astral Realm Creation

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How to create and inhabit your own Astral Realm.

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Casting Instructions for 'Astral Realm Creation'

After achieving Astral Projection and proper materialization on this level, you may go to a place of nothingness, or the Unmanifest. From here you will need to create an inward spiral upon yourself. Allow your consciousness to be taken in to the spiral, pulling you through an unseen Veil between realities.
Once spun through the Veil, you will be inside another similar blackness that is the Manifest. Before trying to see anything at this point, you must first, meditate on your realm or universe. Consider all of its being, leave no detail unthought, physics, astronomy, rotation, spin, and axis points of planets and moons, inhabitance of planets, geography,zoology, and everything.
Next you will need to focus that thought into a point in the Manifest. Once it is there just touch it and see it expand all around you. Now you will need to choose a planet you wish to Inhabit.
Once chosen, you may or may not wish to adjust the time frame of your Realm, for instance the corelation between our time and your Realms time, if you do consider how much time you want to pass while you are away, if it is a smaller amount, the time spent there will seem like it was only a moment when actually hours went by, you must have lots of time to dedicate to a Realm on such a low frequency.
On a higher frequency,the time spent there & away will seem like an eturnity within the Realm, when only a few seconds have passed in our time. You may also want to find a place that is in between the low and high frequencies that you are satisfied with.
Now you may begin focusing on the characteristics, & personalities of the beings, creatures that are inhabited there. As well as shaping the world around you, the weather and more.