Astral Wolf Alternate

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Another astral wolf spell.

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Casting Instructions for 'Astral Wolf Alternate'

Lie in bed at midnight, cleanse yourself by inviting in earth energy and sending out negative energy, and whisper three times
A wolf in my heart, so shall it be.
A wolf in my soul forever to be.
A wolf on the astral plane and in my dreams
A wolf in my mind, this is my greatest dream.
On all levels but physical a wolf I shall be
This is my will, in it I am sure, so mote it be.
Now place your left hand over your heart and whisper three times
It will start in my heart, with my identity
And as I indulge my wolf side I gain wolflike tendencies
The process continues as my mind begins to shift
And soon I will have mental flares and a constant mental shift
I may even feel my astral limbs as if they are physical
And as I grow, I gain an affinity for the metaphysical
Although the side effects are many, I am ready tonight
My life will be forever changed by the morning light.
I know it is irreversible, but I accept it here
I have dreamed of this forever, so my mind holds no fear.
Now point your right hand up - "By the Moon
Down - "the Sun
Left - "the Stars
Right - "the Earth
Around you in a circle - "And the spirits, Gods and Goddesses,
Mote it be.
Now focus on transforming into a wolf, on images of forests and lovely untouched nature. Visualize running as a wolf, the sensations of a different form. Root wolves deeply into your mind. Once you have gone through several images for a while, imagine your aura (if you don't know your colour, use white), soul, and astral body around you as you lie in bed. Focus on your astral body. Visualize it as a coating of stars around you. Now focus on ears growing, a tail sprouting, the paws appearing, and your astral body becoming a wolf. Do this slowly, focusing on all the details until you have a wolf lying in your body, passing through it. It might be hard to do this precisely, but take your time and keep working. When you have a wolf, you must connect to it.
Raise your left arm, and watch the wolf paw in your mind as it follows. Hold it there as the wolf paw connects. Repeat for the rest of your limbs, then make sure the wolf moves with you. Lie on your back and move your aura around and into the extra parts. Focus on the feeling of this. If you focus hard enough, your aura may begin to feel wilder. You will feel a sense of freedom, but also being trapped and wanting to be free. Stretch if you must. Do not visualize becoming a wolf yourself, it may mess up your astral body. Now imagine lots of wolfy things, including several images of wolves, and project these thoughts into a ball above your chest. When you have enough, form the ball into a wolf made of energy. Keep the thoughts positive. It is good to cleanse this energy wolf. Imagine earth energy filling it with positive energy and sending negative energy into the earth. Now allow it to dive into your soul. Clear your mind, breathe deeply, and relax.
Imagine golden and silver energy beneath the floor. Imagine roots growing out of your body and connecting to the earth. Absorb some of this energy. Now take some deep breaths, count from ten to one, and open your eyes.