Attract a new friend and talk better potion.

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This spells help attract a new friend and make you seem polite and mannered when you talk to someone.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Rose petals (Do not need to use),Water,Sugar,Butter, Air frensher or soap,yarn.`

Casting Instructions for 'Attract a new friend and talk better potion.'

1.Get your cup put the water in the cup then add a pinch of sugar and say This is sweet just like me may it help meet new friends! 2.Add rose petals (If you have it).Add the butter spread it around say May The goddess of love gives the things I desire. 3.Spray the air fresher 2 times (If had).Squeeze soap 3 times.(If had).Now say May this attract good friends who support me and willing to be with me may I be the same way help me talk goddess of love and friends.Fuill my desire just like others. 4.Dip your yarn in the potion. Say When I have this anywhere anytime may it help me find my true desire I seek I will protect this treat this is my will so mote it be. 5.You have you thing.Warning!!: Once you take it off it will mean nothing to you.Plus you have to talk to others.It wont come to you just come to you.