Attract a Wealthy Lover/ Spouse

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A spell to help you attract a wealthy lover/ spouse.

You will need the following items for this Spell
- Red/Pink Candle. Pink for romantic love, or red for passion and lust.
- Green Candle
- Pen and Paper
- Pouch
- Love Oil
- Money Oil
- Rose Quartz

Casting Instructions for 'Attract a Wealthy Lover/ Spouse'

Begin by visualizing the type of partner you desire. Try and avoid thinking of a specific person, but rather, the qualities they posses. Are they tall? short? funny? serious? etc. Write these qualities down on your piece of paper. Take your time doing this, you could even make drawings or symbols, anything that helps you visualize your perfect match.
The second step is to light your candles. While your candles are burning, state to the universe the type of partner you desire, and that harm come to none. Fold the paper towards you, not away from you! Fold it as many times as you can, turn it so you can keep folding it towards you.
The third step is to seal the envelope with the wax from your candles, put a few drops of each. And at this point you can say "This is my will, so mote it be!
Keep this envelope in a pouch wherever you go to attract a potential lover.
These are not required but can help achieve your desired results much quicker!
- Use love and money oils to anoint your candles.
- Put a rose quartz stone in your pouch.
- If your intent is marriage, put white rose petals in your pouch.
If you need help substituting ingredients or have any questions, please message me!:)