Attract Faithful Love

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This spell will draw love to you.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Female Shaped Candle OR Silver Colored Candle
Male Shaped Candle OR Golden Colored Candle
White OR Red Pillar Candle
Three Cinnamon Sticks
Small Offering Bowl
Red Ribbon
Decorative Paper and Pen
Rose Incense

Casting Instructions for 'Attract Faithful Love'

If you are Homosexual or Bisexual, you can change the candles. Homosexuals can use girl/girl or boy/boy, and bisexuals can use girl/white candle or boy/white candle.
Cast a circle if your tradition calls for it, and burn the rose incense. Set up your male and female candle representations, and dress each in Jasmine oil. Put them side by side, no more than a few inches apart. Note which one represents you, and which represents the other person.
Invoke a love/marriage deity such as Aphrodite or Hera, and set up your offering bowl. Say a short prayer to them and place the lavender and cinnamon sticks into the bowl. Light the third candle in their honor, which you can dress in any oil that appeals to you, or seems fitting for the spell.
Take the decorative piece of paper and write down what you're seeking. You can address the invoked deity, a certain spirit, or just make a statement. Something along these lines should work just fine: "I wish for someone to love me romantically. Let them be faithful, wise, sweet, and supportive." Roll it up and tie it closed with the red ribbon, saying
Oh great world I call to thee
To bring me love and harmony.
let them be honest, truthful, and kind.
My heart and theirs now are tied.
Bring us together through your grace
May we prosper at our own pace.
Like the words that I speak
As I will, so mote it be!
Sprinkle Coriander seeds around the candles and allow them to burn out completely. You can bury them or keep the remains in a box.
Remain actively aware of the offering bowl and note you leave out. Replenish the offering with things like rose petals, rosequartz, or little prayers. Continuously put only good thoughts to this area of your life. Love will surely begin to blossom in your life if you do:)