Attract More Money

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Cast this when you already have prosperity and want more.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Your typical altar setup
Green Candle
Gold Candle
Matches or a lighter
Some water, just in case
Your wallet, with money in it
Optional: A citrine
Optional: An incantation

Casting Instructions for 'Attract More Money'

Set up your altar as usual, placing the gold and green candle where you see fit. If you are using the citrine, charge it if you haven't already and put it inside your wallet, preferably touching your money directly.
Place your wallet in between the two candles, far enough from them that the wallet won't catch fire of course. As you light the candles, think of what you already have, rather than what you want.
Once you are feeling gratitude, ask the universe/your gods/whatever you believe will grant you prosperity for more. If you have written an incantation for this purpose, use it now. Do this for as long as required.
Put out the candles and thank the powers that be for listening to your request.
Always remember to act on your desires, as well: The opportunities to acquire what you want will slip through your fingers if you let them. Recognize the signs and take what the universe offers you.