Attract the Ideal Lover

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This spell should help you to attract the perfect lover. This is my first spell sorry if it does not work for you! This spell is not to attract a specific person.

You will need the following items for this Spell
You need a red or pink pen
Some paper
Candles (can be fake or real)

Casting Instructions for 'Attract the Ideal Lover'

First,the only light you should have in the room you do this should come from your candles,the moon and/or a small lamp. Light or switch on your 2 candles and leave enough space in between them for paper.
Write down on the paper
physical qualities of your perfect lover.
mental qualities
other details of the lover.
Then say: "Oh God's and Goddesses hear my plea! Attract this boy/girl to me! This is my will so mote it be!" Say this 3 times.
Place the paper between the candles for 8 minutes. Then rip up the paper and throw it away. Turn off the candles.