Attract The Right Person Into Your Life

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Use this spell for people who wish to call a current lover who is being over-reticent.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A map
6 Red Roses
White Candle

Casting Instructions for 'Attract The Right Person Into Your Life'

* Take a map either of your local area or country or a world map if you want a lover from afar.
* Scatter five roses across the map, saying
Near or far, o'er land and sea, a lover true I call to me.
* Light a pure white candle (one of scent is fine) and taking a sixth rose (six being the number of Venus and love), pluck from it in turn five petals and burn each in the candle flame, saying
Burn a pathway to my door, five rose petals now are four, Four to three in candle fire, bringing closer my desire. From three to two I burn the rose, love no hesitation shows, From two to one till there is none, the spell is done, come, lover, come.
* Place the map and the roses, the candle and a vase with the rose from which you plucked the petals, in a safe place near an uncurtained window until the candle has burned down.
* Then put all the roses in the vase in your bedroom and when they die repeat the spell if necessary.