Auratic Search

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Finding objects using your aura.

You will need the following items for this Spell
Sharp mind (To ease the search by ignoring the objects in Your current setting.)
Medium experience in meditation and plenty of knowledge about human aura, how the Kundalini functions and chakra understanding.

Casting Instructions for 'Auratic Search'

(For Beginners)
Assume the meditation position. Root yourself to Mother Earth's energy. It is not necessary to open any further chakra than the Root.
Next, picture the current setting you are in and where you have been frequently in the past using your physical mind.
Now you use the energy you are receiving from Mother Earth and manipulate it into a grid of the room and/or a little beyond the room. This is where your physical mind and aura works together to find what your looking for. You expand the aura around the room, then there may be a string of energy flowing to or from any side of your cranium telling you which direction your desired object will be.
(For The Experienced: such as myself)
For those who got the hang of the meditation can do this by simply doing the steps above except mediating and using your own chakra energy.