Awaken the thrid eye permanently

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This spell is designed for opening your thrid eye so you will be able to use your physic abilities etc.

You will need the following items for this Spell
One white candle
One red candle
One purple candle
A pentacle or a pentagram
Dragon's blood incense
A circle

Casting Instructions for 'Awaken the thrid eye permanently'

Light the white candle for purity/positivity, light the red candle for power, light the purple candle for spirituality and to represent the thrid eye. Have a pentagram or pentacle for protection also the dragon's blood incense is for protection as well, light the dragon blood incense. Cast a circle, at this part feel free to ask your guardians etc. to protect you at this time then thank them. Get into a meditative state visualize the thrid eye charaka slowly opening at the same time visualize the color purple where the thrid eye is located at.
Get into a meditative state then visualize a purple or white glowing orb around you then visualize where the thrid eye is, a purple glowing light and then visualize the thrid opening, do this intill you feel like it has worked. (let me know if the spell has worked please)