Bad Aura: Cast outs

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This is just a quick spell to eliminate bad auras or feelings.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 Candle (Doesn't have a specific colour, but a calming colour of Your choice helps.)
Meditation practise (This will help focus.)

Casting Instructions for 'Bad Aura: Cast outs'

Place the candle somewhere in the room were it is visible. Light it. Stare into the flame for one or two minutes (Don't be too close) Then, take a few steps back and seat yourself on the floor.
Close your eyes. Visualise the candle, the way it moved and it textures. See yourself infront of the candle and see your aura.
Once you can hold that vision clearly, visualise your aura. The dark spots around you is where the tainted aura resides. Visualise that aura moving or "Floating" towards the candle flame.
Once all the aura is removed, open your eyes and move over to the flame, then swiftly blow it out. If you can't blow it out on the first try, than I suggest you try the whole procedure again.