Magick Spell Jar

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Within this spell jar holds all the power and strength you need.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 small sized Jar with a Lid of some sort.
2 Quarts Crystals
A Chuck Of Your Own Hair.
3 stones that appear to You - earth
1 Feather - air
A piece of Wax - Fire
Salt (Sea salt if possible) - Water.
1 Pine Cone - Healing, protection.
Basil - Protection and prospertity
Bay Leaves - To remove negative energy and banish.
Celery - Increase mental and physical powers
Cinnamon - Healing and Psychic Powers
Ginger - Success
Rue: Curse Breaker
Sage Wisdom

Casting Instructions for 'Magick Spell Jar'

Take one of the quarts and put it out in the sun for a while, let the sun absorb it. The God is the Sun, so its rays are his power, tell the stone to absorb the energy and hold it. Do the same with the second stone, only at night. The Moon is the Goddess, and the Moon's rays are also the Goddess' Energy, so let the stone take it in.
Once the stones have been charged, take the other three stones, charge them with your own energy as well. Begin by mixing all the herbs together in the jar, you can ether mix them or layer them on top of each other. Make sure to cleanse and charge all of the herbs in your hand before you put them in the jar.
Once all the herbs have been put in the jar, take the items that represent the four Elements and put them in the jar. Along with the five stones on the top. Sprinkle salt over the top and then close the bottle and lay your hands and it charge it.
Now you have a Magick Jar. You can put it at your alter, your desk or work place, or windowpane