Nightmare Curse

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A curse to cause a nightmare.

You will need the following items for this Spell
A staff, about six feet in length and perhaps two inches or so thick, bark covered, dead but not overly rotten
One knife, large enough to strip away large swathes of bark and wood from the pole
And another knife, small but sharp.

Casting Instructions for 'Nightmare Curse'

With the large knife carve the small end of the staff into a spearpoint. At the larger end of the staff strip away bark and wood until there is a flat space, about three inches long. There carve three eyes with the small knife, and by each eye make a notch by chopping with the large knife. Then cut a long, flat strip into the staff, from nine fingers beneath the last eye to nine fingers above the spearpoint. Speak then these words
Hear, ye thurses! Hear I shall carve staves and send bale to my foe. May his dreams be fearful, may he thrash all night. Bale be worked! Bale be wrought! Bale be woken and breathing, bale be woken and biding!
With the small knife carve the curse in runes upon the long flat strip, and thereafter carve nine thurses. Thrust the staff into the earth, and point the eyes toward the dwelling of him you wish to curse.