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Some consider sweetener spells slightly invasive as they can have effect on the will of others.This spell can be used to soften someone on an argument, help with an interview, used on yourself for calming harsh emotions, and anywhere else you need someone's cooperation for serious matters.

You will need the following items for this Spell
1 mason jar
1 photo lavender
1 pennyroyal
1 scullcap
1 small amethyst
Some honey

Casting Instructions for 'Sweetener'

Get a mason jar or other type of jar that will allow light in. Place inside of the jar an item belonging to the person, a photo, or a piece of paper signed by them. Also put in a bit of lavender, pennyroyal, scullcap and a small amethyst. Then fill the jar with honey and close the lid. Burn a yellow or orange candle ontop of the jar. The spell is done.